'Khichdi' is back: Hansa, Praful, Bauji and Jayshree return to tickle your funny bone!

In a host of shows revolving around the absolute perfect, sanskari versions of Indian families - 'Khichdi' was a show that brought out the juiciest of its punches from the adorable imperfections of its characters.

It has been more than 15 years since the show first aired in our television sets, but the sharply written, distinct and unconventional characters are still etched well in our memories. Be it the 'Kud-kud Kumar - Bauji' or the ultimate sarcastic gossip queen Jayshree - 'Khichdi' always managed to tickle our funny bone.

Now, for anyone who has been missing on the laugh-riot-of-a-show that it was - there is some major good news. 

Khichdi is finally coming back with a new season - since it wrapped-up its last run more than ten years ago.

The show's official network, Star Plus has confirmed that the revamp is set to premiere on April 14, with new episodes planned to be aired on Saturdays and Sundays.

Another great thing about the show's return is that, actress Vandana Pathak has returned to step-in the shows of 'Jayshree' once again, after she was replaced by Nimisha Vakharia in the first big-screen adaptation of the show.

For anyone who followed the serial from the beginning, Vandana played the role of Jayshree so beautifully, that its hard to associate anyone else with that character, even though Nimisha was great in her own right.

Although, the official list of cast hasn't been revealed yet (and we do so hope the original cast manages to retain their characters) - most of the leading characters did show up in a brief teaser of the show:

Aa gayi humari Khichdi.

Despite the lukewarm reception that the revamp of 'Sarabhai VS Sarabhai' received, we have high hopes with Khichdi's return. 

April 14th couldn't seem any further!

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