Mumbai: Dabbawallas, Sikhs, Muslims come together to provide food and water to farmers marching in the city.

In the face of all the negativity that surrounds us, it is always great to hear a positive inspirational showcase of decent human behavior every once in a while.

The local residents of Mumbai showed just that and more - when the came out to aid and support the thousands of protesting farmers marching across the city.

In a heartwarming scene from the streets of our "Aamchi Mumbai" - the city's infamous 'Dabbawallas' along with a large number of residents came to show solidarity with the farmers, by assisting them with food and water.

Volunteers from both Sikh and Muslim communities united to aid and support the protesters as they arrived marching into the city yesterday.

Many residents also offered the protesting farmers - their footwear after noticing how several of the men and women were walking bare-feet on the streets - only for their voices to be heard by the system. Several locals also showered flowers from as they marched down on the streets.

One of the many demands being raised by the protesters include the implementation of Maharashtra government's loan waiver program.

Several of the volunteer's of Mumbai's dabbawallas collected excess food from restaurants and other eateries to distribute the same to the distressed farmers.

In an exemplary showcase of 'feeding the hand that feeds you' - it was immensely heartwarming to see people greeting the farmers as they marched to claim a better livelihood for themselves.

Way to go Mumbai!

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