Never too old to learn: 44 YO mother appears for class X exams along with her son

Most of us often succumb to societal norms of barring our desires and wishes to pursue something in accordance with our age - whatever that means. 

Even an unfulfilled desire to complete or continue one's education can often be marred by the fear of being judged. That certainly does not put a stoppage in front of those who have the passion and the drive for it - as has been seen in a number of various instances before, when elderly people have continued the pursuit of their secondary education.

In a similar inspiration example, a 44 year old woman from Ludhiana just appeared for her Xth Board examinations several years after quitting school as a teenager. 

What makes her story special is that she did not only appear for the exam along with her teenage son but also prepared and went to the same school as him.

Rajni Bala had to quit her education after completing class IX in 1989 due to some family circumstances. After getting married and devoting herself to raising her children, she couldn't continue her education where she had left it.

But luckily, Bala had full support of her husband and children who persuaded her to reembark on her journey of learning and cultivating.

"My husband has been telling me for several years to complete my education. However, I had three children and had to educate them," Raji told ANI.

She further continued, "Although I am working as a ward attendant in a civil hospital, I realized that it is important to pass Class 10 at least, in the present day. Therefore, I began preparing along with my son, who is also in Class 10. We go to school together and study also together."

Acknowledging the role of her family in her pursuit, Bala further added:

"My mother-in-law, in spite of being uneducated herself, motivated me to take this decision. My husband has been very supportive; he wakes up early to teach me and my son. My daughters also help me study. Eventually, I would like to pursue my graduation."

So many of us give up trying at such an early age. Rajni's story is a fine example of how it is truly never too late to pursue one's dreams.

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