New York Times pays tribute to the great Madhubala. Compares her to Marilyn Monroe

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New York Times - one of the leading U.S. publications has put together 15 obituaries on deceased female personalities from various timezones, backgrounds and nationalities - paying homage to those who were 'overlooked' by the newspaper in the past.

Remembering 15 'remarkable women' from various spheres, the publication starts off by confessing how in its 160+ year history, their obituaries have been dominated by white men and how it was time to recognize and pay tribute to the work of these previously "overlooked" female personalities.

Among those included in the list are Sylvia Plath - famous writer and poet, Margaret Abbott - the first American female to register a triumph in Olympics, Marsha P Johnson - transgender pioneer, Diane Arbus - celebratged photographer, of coarse, our dear beloved Madhubala - one of the most fondly remembered actresses of Indian cinema.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In a tribute-piece written by Aisha Khan, Madhubala is celebrated as an actress responsible for breaking mold by playing modern, rebellious women on-screen.

“Madhubala (born as Mumtaz Begum) often portrayed modern young women testing the limits of traditions."

Comparing her troubled life, relationships and early demise to that of Hollywood icon - Marilyn Monroe, NYT further states:

“She died 20 years later as an icon of beauty and tragedy - her dazzling career, unhappy love life and fatal illness more dramatic than any movie she starred in."

Madhubala suffered with a condition called ventricular septal defect ("hole in the heart" - in common language) which did not have a proper treatment available at that time.

Her NYT obituary also talks about her dramatic relationship with actor Dilip Kumar - which ended-up causing much distress to the troubled star.

“They had been eager to marry, but Madhubala’s father had set conditions, including that they star in movies he would produce. Kumar demanded that she choose between him and her father. She chose her family. An ugly lawsuit over another movie hastened their breakup.” 

The celebrated star later vanished from the public eye after her health started to deteriorate due to her condition. She passed away on February 23, 1969 at the of 35.

Read the complete piece by NYT here.

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