Raj Thackeray comments on Akshay kumar's 'Canadian citizenship' and call his films "Govt's propaganda"

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MNS chief Raj Thackeray is a name which has consistently been synonym to 'controversy' due to the way he has never been afraid to put his unfiltered thoughts across media.

This time around, the controversial leader of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, took a jibe at actor Akshay Kumar while accusing him of trying to walk in the footsteps of yesteryear actor, Manoj kumar, who was famously known as 'Bharat Kumar' for his patriotic-themed and overtly-nationalist movies.

However the MNS chief also made a remark on Akshay's "Canadian citizenship", stating that the actor who's trying to preach nationalism to Indians, is not even an Indian citizen and holds a Canadian passport. He said,

"But Akshay Kumar is not even an Indian citizen. He holds a Canadian passport and his Wikipedia profile describes him as Indian-born Canadian actor."

While speaking at an MNS rally, he further labelled the context of Akshay's last two movies - "Toilet: Ek Prem Katha" and "Padman" as a Government propaganda to promote their public schemes and ventures

Thackrey didn't limit himself to Kumar's recent choice of movies and also made a commentary on the recently deceased Bollywood actress, Sridevi and her largely covered funeral services.

Questioning the late actor's state funeral, which was organised by the Maharasthra Govt earlier this month, here is what Raj had to say:

"Why was she given the state funeral, wrapped with the national flag, what was her contribution, if this would have been done by any non-BJP CM, then the media would have tore in to him. Now, however, they are not doing anything as they are scared of the government."


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