Rakhi Sawant accuses Sunny Leone of 'leaking' her phone number to the porn industry

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Rakhi Sawant is a name - mostly synonym to controversial remarks, outrageous online statements or attention-seeking staged-acts on television. The reality TV star has managed to establish herself as quite a household name - mostly thanks to her gimmicks and scandalous assertions.

The recent statements to come from the entertainer and popular Instagrammer revolve around Bollywood actor and former Porn star, Sunny Leone.

Sawant has accused the 'Baby Doll' performer of passing around her phone number to people in the porn industry, following which she has expressed her fear of the same "being misused."

While speaking to an entertainment portal, here is what Rakhi had to say:

“Sunny Leone has given my number to the adult entertainment industry. I am getting calls from people there. They are asking for my videos and medical certificate and are offering me good amount. But I am not at all interested in doing such work. I will die but will never ever get into that world. I am an Indian girl and I know my values. Mein dil se Hindustani hoon( I'm an Indian by heart). When I asked them how they got my number, they took Sunny Leone's name”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Further alleging Leone of calling her up once, Sawant said:

“After I posted the congratulating videos for the former porn star, she called me from an unknown number and was asking if I am jealous of her. Why will I be? I have done good work in the B-Town. I have brought the trend of remix. People can sit with family to watch my work. However, I just hope people from porn industry don't misuse my name and number.”

Sunny apparently hans't responded to the allegations as of now. We wonder what she might have to say to Rakhi's claims.

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Source: Read the full story on Ibtimes here.

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