Sanjay Dutt's hardcore fan leaves all her property to his name after her death

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Recently a Madhya Pradesh man came to news after shaving his head following the demise of actress Sridevi, stating that he considered the late star as his wife and how her sudden death has affected him and his life.

Now another Bollywood star's hardcore fan has come to light for her devout gesture of devotion.

This time, it is actor Sanjay Dutt - whose devoted fan from Mumbai has given away the possession of all her personal belongings and the rights of her property/residence to the 'Munna Bhai' actor. 

Nishi Harishchandra Tripathi passed away a few ago following a terminal illness, but decided to transfer the rights of her assets to her favorite star - Sanjay Dutt, instead of her 80 year old mother and siblings.

As one would expect, Dutt was not in position to accept the gesture - as humbling as it is, and had to transfer the rights of the property back to her family members.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
"We are overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the gesture of the fan. I am not personally acquainted with her and never met her. So I waive my rights as a nominee of the account and the [safe deposit] locker," Dutt told the bank, which managed the personal locker of Tripathi - the rights to which were also to be given to the actor following her wish.

The process of transferring the rights back to her family has already begun and the bank is now being instructed to follow whatever process is required to finalize the possession of the property and personal items.

A number of people online do wonder if it was just the selfless devotion of a fan towards her favorite star or something else in her personal life that drove her to put the actor in priority over her family.

Either way, when one would talk about the extremes fans go to when it comes to showing love and adoration to their favorite stars - this instance would certainly take the cake.

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