"Short clothes do not cause rapes": Delhi male volunteers march in boxers to protest against rapes

For anyone who cares, it is painfully frustrating to see the constantly increasing number of sexual crimes against women in our cities. Ever time you turn the page of the newspaper or browse through your newsfeed, a new horrifying tale of sexual brutality will make you face the abhorrent reality of our system.

And to make it worse, every now and then, you come across the kind of mentality that attempts to put the blame of such crimes on women one way or another. White some would blame them for provoking men by wearing shorter clothes, others would question their intention of venturing out of their homes post "sanskari hours."

To fight that very ideology that often serves as the breeding ground for a female-oppressing thought-process, a large number of volunteers from Delhi Commission For Women got together on the streets of Delhi in the organization's "Rape Roko" movement.

Many of these male volunteers were spotted in merely their boxers - to prove that it isn't the way a woman dresses-up that ignites rapes, but it is the perverted mentality of those who commit such heinous crimes.

The march took place from Mandi House to Central Park - slamming the narrow outlook which attempts to control the way women dress-up or put the blame of sexual atrocities in their lifestyles. The organizers have also asked people to join them in another peaceful protest on March 8, 9:30 AM at Connaught Place - demanding stronger and more stringent laws to punish sexual violators.

DCW chief, Swati also extended her support to the movement, pleading for a "robust justice system."

"We strongly support the people's movement 'Rape Roko' launched by DCW chief to demand a robust criminal justice system which ensures cases of sexual crimes against women and children are tried by fast-track courts within six months and rapists of children are essentially accorded death penalty as a strong deterrent for others against such crimes".

This is precisely the way we need to turn heads and also turn mindsets towards a broader thinking society.

You go boys....and girls!

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