Sridevi remembered at the 2018 Oscars along with veteran actor Shashi Kapoor

Source: Wikimedia Commons
The 'In memoriam' section at the 90th Academy awards payed homage to almost everyone from the movie business who departed this past year, be it from Hollywood or beyond.

As Pearl Jam member Eddie Vedder took the stage to perform a heartwarming rendition of Tom Petty's 'Room at the Top', images of souls lost this past year played behind in the screen.

Considering the monumental impact Sridevi's death has had back in India this past couple of weeks, her mention during the homage performance was inevitable.

It was yet again surreal to see her face up appears in the big screen, as it became hard to fathom that she's really no longer with us - perhaps because of how sudden and fast it all has happened.

Passed away at the age 54, Sridevi had already steadied herself in the path to her return in Bollywood, with her previous two roles as a leading lady putting back the focus on her.

Shashi Kapoor, who died back in December, was also remembered during the on-screen montage. The veteran actor had passed away at the age 79 after suffering from a chest infection.

Watch Vedder's heartening tribute below:
(Sridevi mention at:2:25 /Shashi Kapoor mention at:2:59)

RIP Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor.

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