This doctor from Odisha crossed river and trekked hill to help pregnant woman in labor

For everyone who goes through the profession of a doctor, the vows revolving around the concept to "...First Do No Harm" hold of dear importance.

And although the recent examples of negligence and personal greed, which consistently made national headlines, may have slightly marred the image of a profession that has long been looked with utmost respect for its impact to save lives - it doesn't change the fact that there are still countless devoted professionals in the field, who continue to serve and devote themselves to their jobs.

One such inspirational story of dedication to help the ones in need comes from Odisha, where a doctor literally crossed a river and trekked a hill to reach a pregnant woman in labor and provide her the medical assistance she needed.

Serving as an ad hoc doctor in Tumudibandha community center in a naxal-prone tribal area, Dr Yagnadatta Rath, reached to help the tribal woman in labor despite their being no-direct route via road. Rath had to cover a distance of 1.5 KMs on foot, crossing a river and trekking a hill, to reach the woman who was waiting for medical aid in the middle of a forest - beyond which she couldn't go due to her condition.

The woman, along with her husband, was heading to the community center, but had to stop in the middle of a forest as she could not manage to go any further. It was then that her husband rushed to the Tumudibandha health center and called for assistance.

By the time of Dr Rath's arrival, the woman had already given birth to a baby girl in the forest. However, it being the first pregnancy for the woman, Dr Rath did take care of a number of measures to ensure her safety. 

As inspirational as this story is, it also makes us ponder over the heart-wrenching conditions so many of our fellow citizens live in - with hardly any access to the bare necessities of life.

Kudos to Dr Rath. Humanity certainly needs more people like him.

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