This MP man considers Sridevi as his wife and has shaved his head after her death

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Being a fan to famous people can sometimes go to such extremes that one may often get delusional and start losing touch with reality. And No, it doesn't always just happen in movies.

Call it a case of dementia or an attempt to get 15 minutes of his fame, but an obsessed fan from Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh does not only claim to be the late actress' husband, but has also shaved his head after her demise.

Omprakash Mehra, who can be seen sitting with his head layed down in front of Sridevi's decorated picture placed upon a table at his MP residence, is supposedly so affected by her death that he has stopped in-taking food and water.

Soon after her death, Mehra hosted a condolence meet in his village, in which he is said to have performed the ritual of shaving his head (something which close relatives do after the passing of a loved one, per Hindu religion).

Mehra's obsession and love for Sridevi isn't new. According to his friends, he has sent over 3,000 letters to the actress over the years and also got her name registered on his vicinity's voting list back in 2002.

"My friend loves Sridevi a lot and he has considered her as his wife," his friend told the reporters. "He said that he will keep waiting for her till seven re-births. Also, he didn't shave his head when his mother died but he did that for Sridevi."

If there's any sort of reality behind this, this man certainly needs some counseling and we have someone is already taking care of that.

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