Vidya Balan to play Sridevi in Hansal Mehta's upcoming biopic on the late star

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Less than a month later Sridevi's untimely death at the age of 54, Bollywood has already started prepping for various ways to pay homage to the late icon.

After husband Boney Kapoor announced his plan to create an in-depth documentary detailing her journey of growth - both in her personal and professional lives, critically acclaimed filmmaker Hansal Mehta has also announced his plan to create an intimate biopic on the 'Hawaa Hawaaii' actress.

Famed for creating movies like 'Shahid', 'Aligarh' and more recently, Kangana Ranaut's 'Simran', Mehta revealed how he had longed to work with Sridevi and was about to approach her for a forthcoming project.

The award-winning filmmaker went to Twitter to express his unfulfilled desire:

“There will never be another Sridevi," he wrote shortly after her demise. "I was about to approach her for a film. That film will now be dedicated to her. If it finds an actor.” 

Although he couldn't have his wish fulfilled, Mehta will now direct a feature detailing the life and story of the celebrated superstar.

“I will always regret that I didn’t approach her and could not make a movie with her. But I will make a film on her.” - he told IANS.

This isn't just an announcement made in thin air. Mehta is serious about the project and sounds determined to bring it to fruition. 

"It will be made," he reassured. "There are actors (that are being considered). I might approach Vidya Balan. I will make the film."

Hansal Mehta is one filmmaker we can trust to as far as being truthful to the subject is concerned. 

As he plans on casting someone for the title character, which actress do you think should be playing the role of Sridevi?

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