Virat Kohli reviews wife Anushka Sharma's latest movie, 'Pari'. Calls it her 'best film yet'

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Critics may be going a bit harsh on Anushka Sharma's latest endeavor 'Pari' - but she has full support from her hubby, Virat Kohli.

The recently married duo, who has consistently showed up to support each other in their respective ventures, never fail to impress us with their positive outlook and respect for each other's work.

Although both Anushka and Virat have had positive things to say about each other since they started dating a couple of years ago, but ever since they tied the knot earlier in December, the couple has been very vocal about each other's professional endeavors - playing the mascot for one another every chance they get.

So now that Anushka's third co-produced venture, "Pari" hits the big-screens, hubby Virat was bound to shower it with praise.

Calling it the Anushka' "best work yet" here is what he had to say:

Don't you just love how these two assertively turn "cheer-leaders" for each other?

Take note men and women, this is how you support your partner in their endeavors!

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