Watch: Boney Kapoor recalls how he fell in love with Sridevi in a bittersweet video from 2013

Source: Wikimedia Commons
A footage taken back in 2013 featuring Boney Kapoor narrating how he first fell in love with Sridevi Kapoor is going viral now.

The reason is obvious, following Sridevi's sudden demise at the age of 54 - fans are flocking to her older footage and videos to relive moments from the past.

One such bittersweet moment is from 2013 India Today Women Summit, where the film producer was asked about how he first fell in love with her superstar wife. Indulging into the details of how he fancied the 'Hawaa Hawaaii' actress after seeing her work in late 70's south Indian movies, Boney revealed how he often went out of his way to make her feel comfortable enough to work with him - things which included hiring multiple costume designers for her or paying her over the amount than she was entitled for.

As a visibily embarraased Sridevi tries to stop him from divulging any further into it, Boney continues to speak on her charm and elegance.

Watch the video below:

Boney, who's been the subject of much speculation, conspiracy theories and accusations following the untimely death of Sridevi, recently broke his silence as he spoke on how Sridevi's death has affected him for life.

"It will never be the same again," he wrote in an open letter posted on Twitter.

Sridevi died of accidental drowning while attending a family function in Dubai. The beloved actress is survived by her hubby and two daughters.

We miss you Sridevi!

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