12 YO girl jumps from terrace to escape being beaten by her drunk father

Screengrabs of video posted on YouTube
A shocking viral video online shows a teenager being severely thrashed and beaten by a man, before she imminently gets up jumps down from the terrace - where the entire incident was taking place.

According to a number of reports on various media outlets, the man is said to be the 12 year old's father - who was beating her in an alleged "drunk-state' after finding that she was speaking over the phone with someone.

The girl was already on the terrace with a phone in her hand when her father "caught her" and started beating and thrashing her right on the spot.

Spectators from the neighborhood managed to record the incident on their mobile devices, which shows the girl then immediately running towards the edge of the terrace and taking a plunge - in an attempt to escape the beating.

Further as per the reports - severe physical damage to the girl's legs and spine has been caused and she's now in medical care, while the father has been arrested by the police after a call made by the locals. A case has also been registered against him.

Harrowing to say the least.

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