76 year old Oxford graduate was homeless and living on streets until Sikh community decided to help him.

We all have dreams of living a peaceful and comfortable life post-retirement and grow old in the comfort and care of our loved ones. But not everyone is fortunate enough to end up in the same place as the circumstances related to old-age start to manifest themselves.

Raja Singh Phull - a 76 year old former Oxford graduate has been homeless and living on the streets of Delhi due to some unfortunate circumstances and series of events in his life. The 76 year old spends his nights at the New Delhi Railway station and washes his clothes at a public toilet in Connaught place.

Even after facing tons of difficulties, the 76 year old refuses to beg for any sort of help from strangers and believes in earning a livelihood based on his hard word.

"God should never force me to beg" Singh said. There are days when he gets no food to eat or survives only on a packet of biscuits if he manages to get some money to buy the same.

Which brings us to our question - how did things become so worse for a former Oxford graduate?

We all often hear stories about children ditching their parents in their old age and leaving them to live on their own. So is the case with Mr. Raja Singh Phull, both of his sons got married with women from other countries and settled in UK and US, while leaving the 76 year old to live on his own. In the 60's Singh decided to come to India to his brother BS Phull. He with his brother tried their hands on many businesses but nothing worked out for them, perhaps because of his brother's drinking habits, as he recalls.

After seeing many failures, he was left with nothing and was forced to live on the streets of Delhi on his own.

Until, the power of social media showed up and he met a man called 'Avinash Singh'. Avinash met this man outside a public toilet in Delhi and shared his story on Facebook which has now reached thousands across the social media platform, many of whom are willing to send help.

His post went viral and received over 5000 shares at the time of writing this with many of them offering to help him in any way possible.

The 76 year old is now being shifted to an old age home, called - Guru Nanak Sukh Sala, after being requested multiple times for the same, as he was initially hesitant upon taking anyone's help to better his situation.

Credit goes to Prof. Avinash Singh, whose post grabbed attention of many and the ageing man was finally able to get a roof over his head.

It is indeed disheartening to see how children so easily abandon their ageing parents, who work their fingers to the bones to make them what they are today.

Hoping Mr Singh finally finds the peace and solace he was perhaps looking for, abandoned on the streets of Delhi.

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