Asifa Protests: Swati Maliwal on her 8th day of hunger strike inspires citizens to join her fight.

The brutal rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa has really shook the entire nation.

Everyone is trying to join the fight against the ongoing cases of rape and sexual assaults against girls and women of all ages - to better the process of justice and fasten the prosecution without any delays.

While hundreds of people have ventured out on the streets, as a sad reminisce of the protests following the tragic Delhi gang-rape of 2012, Delhi Commission for Women's chairperson, Swati Maliwal has been trying to put pressure on the government by completely giving up meals and fluids.

Maliwal has been on an indefinite hunger strike for a total of 8 days now and her plea is certainly reaching the ears of millions across nation, who're reading about her silent protest.

Inspired by her resilient spirit and selfless battle against the system, several Indians have joined in the fight by pledging their fasting duration on social media platforms.

Although after nearly a week of Swati's hunger strike the center did propose to include death penalty in the POCSO act, but the women's right advocate insists she will only end her protest when the law is implemented and brought to fruition.

Which means, Swati has decided to continue to remain food-free until the proposed law is implemented.

We certainly hope we get to see the change, Swati and countless others like her, have been hoping, praying and fighting for.

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