Brave officer jumps from running train to save woman from getting raped

Image Source: Indian Railways
The volume and pace at which new rape incidents are being brought to light every other day is making us face the horrid reality we all live in. It really is a state of national urgency when such incidents are reported by the minute. 

While the system sleeps and fails to provide the means to curb down the rate of these atrocities, there are few and far-between heroes who often take matters into their own hand to safeguard another victim from falling prey to the hands of such predators. 

K Shivaji - a constable from Railway Protection Force (RPF) is one such hero, who plunged out from a moving train in order to save a woman from being sexually molested by a man.

Shivaji, along with sub-inspector S Subbiah were patrolling on night duty on the Velachery to Chennai Beach train when they heard a woman's screams from the adjacent female coach at around 11:45 PM. 

As the train did not have an inter-connect between the coaches, Shivaji had to wait for the train to slow down at the next station and jump out of his coach while it was still moving ahead at a pace, imminently rushing to the women's coach - where the accused, identified as 26 year old, Satyaraj was found assaulting the woman.

The constable quickly pushed the man aside rescuing the woman - who was found unconscious and bleeding from the lips, by that time. 

The 25 year old woman was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, while Satyaraj was booked for 'attempt to rape.'

Source:  Wikindia24x7 at English Wikipedia
Major applause to Shivaji for acting assertively to save the woman from the hands of the perpetrator on time. 

The incident also raises some serious concerns over the safety of woman traveling in MRTS trains and how vulnerable their situation is, especially during the late hours of the day.


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