Diana Hayden responds to Tripura CM, who said "she's not an Indian beauty like Aishwarya"

Source: Bollywood Hungama
The newly appointed Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb has found a way to constantly stay in the limelight - with his outlandish and controversy-generating remarks.

After making the eyebrow-raising comment about the presence of 'Wifi' and 'Internet' at the "time of Mahabharata", Kumar has now expressed his opinions on the subject matter of - International beauty pageant winners.

Dragging former Miss India world - Diana Hayden in the process, here is how Kumar made a wack comparison between her and Aishwarya Rai, stating that Diana isn't really "an Indian beauty":

"Diana Hayden is not an Indian beauty, but Aishwarya Rai is.”

After internet lashed out at the minister for his irresponsible and totally uncalled-for statement, Diana Hayden herself has come out reacting to the wicked comparison.

Speaking to News 18, the former Miss India World said:

“I am fighting this brown skin bias since my childhood. And I have succeeded. People should be proud of my achievement, rather than belittling it. I am a proud brown-skinned Indian.”

Just to refresh your memory, here is the complete bizarre statement from Bipladev:

“Whoever contested the international beauty pageants won. For five consecutive years, we won the Miss World/Miss Universe awards. Diana Hayden won it too. Do you think she should have won the title? They make the girls walk with fabric on the ramps. Those who give the certificates are all international textile market mafia. They plan beforehand who will get the award and this is 100 per cent true.” 

What, do you think, would it take for our appointed ministers to stick to their core jobs and refrain from making demeaning and irresponsible statements like these?

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