Fitness Queen: Sushmita Sen flaunts her toned-muscles in latest pictures

Sushmita Sen has been long admired not only for her individualistic approach in both her personal and professional lives, but also her calm and graceful personality that perfectly depicts her intellectual approach towards everything she does.

The single mother of two and former Miss Universe, continues the tradition to motivate and inspire people with her new-found obsession of body and weight training.

Almost fives months ago, during her 42nd birthday, the actress made it her goal to get a more toned physique through a rigorous workout regime and she hasn't looked back since.

Sush has been documenting her journey of transformation by sharing pictures and clippings of her acrobatic sessions on her Instagram handle, which are so intense and filled with such energy that they would inspire the laziest of bums to hit the gym.

As her workout routines continue, Sush recently uploaded a picture of her "work in progress" ab-muscles and all we can say is - Wow!

"Looking good is one thing...Feeling good is EVERYTHING!!!" - Sush wrote in the caption along with the picture.

Shushmita also uploaded a video, proudly boasting of her advent into 'knuckle pushups' - and we can't help but ogle at those toned muscles and arms.

Here is a glimpse into part of her workout regime to help you stay inspired:

This most definitely makes us wanna hit the gym ASAP.

Kal se pakka!

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