Hema Malini posts about Asifa rape case: Demands death penalty for child predators

As the nation has been taken aback by the brutal rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa from Jammu's Kathua district, everyone has been voicing their concerns over the safety of women in our society and the consistently growing number of such brutalities.

While thousands of protesters march on the streets of various cities across nation, those in power too have been expressing their resent over the current state of affairs.

Disturbed by the abhorrent conduct in Kathua, actress and BJP MP Hema Malini expressed her outrage, calling for death penalty in all cases of rapes and sexual crimes against children below 12.

Siding with the views initially expressed by Maneka Gandhi - who asked for an amendment in the POSCO act, Hema Malini urged for such child-predators to be imminently hanged to death.

Here is what she said in her Tweets:

A fast judgement and quick legal proceeding is certainly the need of the hour - considering the uprise in such cases across India. With a new case being reported by the hour, the prosecution certainly needs to be amended to deliver rampant justice, without keeping the victim on-hold for several years.

The need is to create gender-neutral rape/sexual assault laws - which prosecutes culprits, irrespective of the age and demographic.

What are your thoughts?

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