Kapil Sharma abuses journalist in leaked phone call. Ex-GF says he's "suicidal"

After years of staying atop the TRP-charts for a number of years, Kapil Sharma has been facing professional lows for the recent past.

The comedian and actor, who became a household name, after the success of his star-studded 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' show has been attempting to make a return, after things started to fall apart following his infamous discrepancies with the show's other members.

As the supposed 'rough patch' in the actor/comedian's life continues, it is being said that he not only has been battling depression, but is also suicidal and in need of professional help.

Kapil's state-of-affairs were recently highlighted in his alleged phone call to SpotboyE's editor Vickey Lalwani, that was made public by the latter. The conversation features Kapil (per SpotboyE's claims) - using extreme expletives and derogatory remarks against the editor and his family, alleging him of worsening his mental condition by writing negative articles about him.

The shocking conversation has left his fans in utter dismay, but has also ignited talks about his state of being.

You can listen to the complete recorded phone call below:
(Warning: Expletive-filled/strong language)

Kapil's former girlfriend Preety Simoes was also quoted telling mid-day that she fears for the actor's health and that he is apparently suicidal and needs to be put in the hands of experts.

Here is what she said:

“I think he is suicidal and I am scared for him. I don't know about coming back or not coming back. I think that he needs his family to take care of him and put him in the hands of experts who handle such cases because clearly is not in his right senses and after hearing his conversation with a senior journalist, also involving his friend it shows he is around the people that don't know how to take care of him.”

After the astonishing call was leaked in the public domain, filmmaker Hansal Mehta also extended his support to Kapil's mental health, while also criticizing his choice of words and calling out the journalist.

Here is what he said:

Who would have thought a few years back, things would go downhill for Kapil in such a manner?

What are your thoughts on this whole matter?

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