Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor to star together in a movie after 18 years since 'Pukar'

It was nearly 18 years ago when Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor starred opposite each other in the power-packed thriller/drama, 'Pukar' - but the duo are returning to the big-screen once again.

Dixit and Kapoor were deemed one of the most formidable on-screen couples of the 80's and 90's, churning out blockbusters like 'Beta', 'Parinda', 'Tezaab' and 'Ram Lakhan' to name a few.

Although Madhuri later dimmed her movie-turnouts during the start of the century as she started concentrating more on her personal life, but despite her recent return to the big-screen with a number of box-office successes, she didn't get the opportunity to reunite with her definitive on-screen 'partner.'

It seems the reunion is finally happening now.

The hit-pair are returning to the big-screen with Indra Kumar's slapstick comedy, 'Total Dhamal' and they apparently still carry the same chemistry between them.

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Speaking on the project, Kumar said, “All three of us are shooting together 26 years after Beta and I’m excited about reuniting with my blockbuster jodi. They play husband and wife in the film and have been prepping for a while but I can’t reveal any details except that Anil goes by the name of Avinash and all of us call him Avi.”

Will this go in-line with their previous entertainers to meet the expectations, or would it be a disappointment like the recent SRK-Kajol reunion in Rohit Shetty's 'Dilwale'?

We'll wait and watch.

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