Mallika Sherawat calls India "Land of Gang rapists" due to the increasing number of rape-crimes

Source: Georges Biard
The recent atrocious cases of brutal rapes have agitated the entire nation, as thousands have stepped out on the streets to seek a firm protocol of justice - yet again.

Regular civilians aren't the only ones who have been affected by tragedies like 'Asifa' and 'Unnao' - Bollywood celebs too, have expressed their anger and shock at the constantly increasing number of rape and sexual assault cases and their appalling brutal nature.

While the likes of Huma Qureshi, Kareena Kapoor, Swara Bhaskara, etc took to their respective social media handles, holding placards in support of the victims and shaming the regressive social outlook, actress Mallika Sherawat, who's been away from the limelight for quite a while, has also chosen to express her opinions on the matter.

The "Murder" actress was recently attending a special screening of 'Daas Dev' when addressed the matter and called such instances 'shameful' for the country.

“I think what’s happening with women and children of this country is absolutely shameful,” she said.

Mallika also pointed out, how from "the land of Mahatma Gandhi", the country has now become "the land of gang rapists"

Here is what she said:

“From the land of Gandhi, we have become a land of gang rapists and I think it’s the media in the country that is really a strong force today. So all hopes are pinned on the media. If it’s not in the media, then nobody would know about these cases. I think because of pressure from the media, these new laws have been enforced. So we are really thankful to the media for this.”

People, as usual, remained divided on her outlook and called her out for labeling the entire nation because of the acts of a few perpetrators - but Mallika, who's been known for her no-hold-barred statements and opinions, didn't feel the need to mince her words on this subject either.

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