Mother enters mosque and beats a Maulvi for molesting her 8 YO daughter

The ongoing cases of rape and sexual assaults have boiled everyone's blood enough to make them venture out on the streets to demand for a rampant justice system for all sexual-assault victims.

After the tragic Nirbhaya case in 2012, once again Jammu's 8 year old Asifa has become a catalyst in instigating countless people to fight for what's right and help bring about a change.

In the wake of such tragedies constantly making headlines and pushing people to take matters in their own hands - a viral video of a distraught mother beating an alleged assaulter of her kid has been uploaded online.

Shared on Twitter, the video features a woman inside a mosque, beating a maulvi for sexually assaulting her 8 year old daughter. Other male members of the congregation too come out to help the woman in 'punishing' the accused.

Watch the viral clipping below:

As shocking as this clip might seem to most, it is also painful to witness the frustration and anguish this woman feels, fighting the predator of her young child on her own.

Although some argue that people should allow law to take its own course, and we agree with that - but the very fight with the criminal justice system, particularly in the cases of rapes and sexual assaults, is to ensure a speedy and rampant conviction in such a manner - people won't ever have to take matters in their own hands.

Better yet, a system which instills a sense of fear - strong enough to put a bar at such instances once and for all.

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