Nepotism again? Karan Johar launches another star-kid with 'Student Of The Year' sequel and people aren't happy!

Ever since Kangana Ranaut brought the discussion of 'Nepotism' to the fore, the subject hasn't really left the minds of people and pops up on the table every now and then.

Although the concept of movie-stars supporting and launching their kids wasn't new and had been talked-about before, it didn't quite become as widely-discussed a topic as it did after Ranaut's notorious stint on national television.

Turns out Karan Johar - who was titled the 'flag-bearer of nepotism' by the actress is still the 'main guy' who's constantly being put under the spotlight when it comes to the very subject.

The filmmaker, who's often been accused of backing and launching relatives and kids of his industry friends and long-time colleagues, leaving less opportunities for 'outsiders' - has now unveiled the starcast of his much anticipated sequel to 'Student Of The Year' - yet-again introducing popular star-kids to the world.

With a female starcast including - Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey, and Tiger Shroff acting as the male lead protagonist, the sequel to his 2012 Alia Bhatt-starrer has already become a subject of controversy.

As Johar launched the first official poster of the November-bound release, people were quick to point out how the filmmaker remains the 'father of nepotism' in the industry:

What are your thoughts on this whole thing?

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