Rani Mukerji shares her 2 YO daughter's adorable reaction after watching 'Hichki'

Rani Mukerji's latest offering 'Hichki' is being well-received by audiences and critics alike.

The award-winning actress and on-screen powerhouse took her 2 year old daughter Adira for a special screening meant for her staff and crew members and although she's too young to under what it all means - she certainly was overzealous seeing her mom's face on the big-screen.

Speaking on the special moment, Rani said:

"I took her to see the film, obviously she is 2 years old, she will not understand anything, till 10 minutes she watched the film sitting on my lap and suddenly said, “ woh  toh mera mama hai”. And after that, she was seeing me and on-screen and she was getting just super happy, after that she got up from my lap and that screening hall became her playground.  She was singing and dancing and doing her own thing."

Rani further added how she eventually had to take her out to ensure the rest of the viewers didn't get disturbed for the second half of the flick:

"I took her out in the interval because I wanted my staff to see the film without any disturbance. Also, I didn’t want her to see the second half because I am crying and all, so first half, she was very happy to see me."

Released on 23rd of March - Rani's inspiring tale of a teacher struggling from Tourette Syndrome, has managed to rake-in over Rs 38.36 crores within the first two weeks of its release, recovering its costs within the first week itself.

Rani is certainly back with a bang. 

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