Renuka Shahane criticizes those supporting the accused in Unnao and Kathua rape cases

What is the worse a society can regress to, when it comes to crimes and sexual atrocities against women and little girls?

The fact that those in power still continue to blame the victims for "provocation" is bad enough - but what is equally shocking and appalling is to witness a large group of people giving it a religious twist and supporting the accused, on ground of their religious backgrounds.

In the shocking gang rape of an 8 year old in Kathua, Jammu - a number of so-called Hindu nationalists ventured out on the streets rallying in support of the accused men and urging all charges against them to be taken back.

Such is the level our society has now stooped to.

And we are not the only ones who feel that way. A number of artists and Bollywood celebs have also come out to express their disgust over the incident and the shameless public support of the accused in the name of "nationalism."

Actress Renuka Shahane, who's one of those rare B-town personalities who've never been afraid to speak their minds, wrote a powerful note on her Facebook account in response to all those who're coming out in support of the rape-accused like it is some form of a national case.

Here is what the actress wrote on her post:

“The religion of the victim or the religion of the rapist should never matter! It is of no consequence which political party the rapists are affiliated to. Rape is a crime against humanity. Period! No religion and no political party is greater than the ideals of humanity. Anybody who rapes is inhuman. Anybody who plans a rape does not deserve to live. Anyone who rapes a child should not be allowed to live. Anybody who plans to rape a child and anyone who helps in planning the rape or helps in destroying evidence or helps in keeping quiet about it for money, ceases to be human.

Let us not cease to be humans by supporting any vile rapists whatever their political or religious affiliations. Let us not make a tamasha of rapes!!! Appalled that some human beings can actually support rapists!!! Shocked beyond belief!”

Could there by a stronger hint to highlight how we're perhaps heading towards a destructive direction as a society?

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