Salman Granted bail in poaching case and Twitter had the most hilarious reactions!

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It was only a matter of two days before Salman's plea for a bail was to be heard by the jury, after the actor was convicted for killing a rare black buck and was sentenced to five years in prison.

While many celebrated the judgement as a win against 'money, power and fame' - internet was also loaded with a large chunk of people who were not quite happy with their favorite star being put behind bars, calling the judgement - flawed.

As all hell was breaking lose with the star's fans losing their very minds over the thought of his conviction - the time for the actor's bail-plea to be heard came and guess what - he was imminently granted a bail by the court only after spending two days in the Jodhpur jail.

As the war continues to wage between Bhai's supporters and non-supporters, we're just going to sit back, grab a box of pop-corn and enjoy Twitter's yet again wicked flurry of memes which unleashed soon after the decision of his bail was made public

Here are some of the most funny reactions that came soon after the decision:


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