Salman Khan poaching verdict: Here are the most hilarious reactions from Twitter

Soon after the much-awaited verdict for Salman Khan's poaching case was delivered today by Jodhpur court - holding the star accountable for killing a rare black buck and convicting him for 5 years in prison, internet erupted with loads of responses.

Only a few moments later, #SalmanKhan and #BlackBuckPoachingCase were the top trending topics on Twitter - as people remained divided on the judgement and supported their respective stances.

But guess what was the best part about the topic breaking Twitter-sphere?

The memes.

Twitteraty yet again unleashed its silly self to gives us one of the best series of memes for 2018 so far, as they threw sarcastic jibes at not only the delayed judgement by the court (20 years to be exact) but also the history and track-record of the star himself.

While the debate continues and the law takes its course of action, grab a box of popcorn and read some of the best Twitter reactions post the verdict:

So many of these also resonate the actual truth behind this whole story.

What was your first reaction when the verdict came out?

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