Salman Khan's Top 5 biggest controversies: From Hit and Run to Black Buck

Salman Khan is a name that has been synonymous to controversies.

Boasting of perhaps the biggest domestic fan following than any other Bollywood star, Salman is known as much for his box office wins as for his off-screen "mishaps."

Starting from the late 90's when he was embroiled in the black-buck/chinkara case - to his recent commentary on the 26/11 terror attacks, the actor's recurring instances of getting himself into troubles, makes you wonder if he's really the definitive 'spoiled brat' of the industry or just a "victim of circumstances" - like many of his fans claim.

Walk with us as we take a journey down the memory lane, to count down the actor's 5 biggest controversies over the years.

Ranging from his allegedely abusive relationship with Aishwarya Rai to his infamous beef with Vivek Oberoi, watch our latest video summing up the 5 most controversial acts by Bollywood's 'Bhai':

Which controversy, do you think, was 'the biggest' in Salman's career?

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