Sunny Leone shares what was her parent's reaction to her past profession and how they dealt with it

Source: Bollywood Hungama
Sunny Leone's road to success in Bollywood has been nothing short of a fairy tale. Although its certainly not a conventional one at that.

Not that the actress wasn't successful as a port-star before making it to mainstream Hindi movies. In fact, she was one of the popular faces in the realm of XXX flicks, winning several leading port movie awards. But her twist of tale, with her arrival at the Indian movie scene - helped her reach the masses (and apparently some extra zeroes on her bank account), that she could not have reached with her former profession.

But the road to her transition to the mainstream hasn't been easy. The 'Baby Doll' actress was met with a lot of criticism for her past, which according to her, ended up emotionally tormenting her. But it didn't start specifically during her advent to the Hindi film scene, but when she was in her early 20's.

"But at the age of 21, when you see people are saying really nasty things about you, it affects you so badly... I was vulnerable and broken from within emotionally," she said.

As she prepares to tell her story with an upcoming biopic, Sunny sheds light among some of the key unknown aspects of her life.

"Many people have the misconception that people started criticising me when I decided to come to India, but that is not true. I started getting hate mails and criticism when I was around 21 years old."

Speaking on how her family dealt with her profession and the hate she received as a result of it, Sunny stated how her family stood by her during her decision and in the midst of all the backlash, even though they may not have wanted her to go down that road.

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"Like many families, there are some problems in our family too. There is love, hate, emotional moments in all our lives, but our parents protected my brother and me from all the negativity, as much as they could."

She further added:

"Of course, I went to a different direction that my parents did not want me to... But I want to say that I love my life the way it is and everything happens for a reason. I have no complaints."

It indeed instigates curiosity to find what went behind the curtains as the performer took one step after another.

We'll be awaiting to see how this biopic turns out.

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