Swara Bhaskar speaks in support of Kareena, as a troll shames her for marrying a Muslim

The online trolls leave no chance in shaming people on the pettiest of things.

If not body-shaming someone for being 'too thin' or 'too fat' by their own standards, they would be seen morally policing female celebrities on their choice of attire.

This trolling often takes an ugly route, as many of these folks - masked behind the anonymity of internet, not only turn to derogatory remarks and obscene language - but also use it as a tool to spread their religion or race-driven divisive ideologies.

On the same pretext, actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who like many B-town celebs has had to face the appalling wrath of such trolls - was recently shamed for marrying a Muslim (yet again).

Kareena, who's married to Saif Ali Khan and shares an adorable kid with him, was yet again being called out for marrying someone outside of her religion, also questioning the name of their kid.

The jarring commentary was made as a response to a post shared by friend Swara Bhaskar, with Khan holding a banner protesting and shaming the recent gang rape and murder of 8 year old Asifa.

Here is what the troll had to say on Swara's post:

And here is how the 'Anaarkali of Aaraa' actress responded:

Spoken fearlessly - as usual.

Can we just stop turning everything into a Hindu VS Muslim fight? 

Its not a cricket match people - where one always have to win and the other must lose!

It is 2018 for heaven's sake and we all could do better than that. 

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