Tripura CM says Internet was invented during Mahabharata. Twitter's response is hilarious as usual.

It isn't something new for politicians to say stuff that completely defies the laws of science as we have come to know them. Or for that matter - the facts and theories of history that we have all grown up understanding and learning.

Whether it is declaring 'Cow Urine' a medicine that can cure all ailments, or citing 'Chowmein' as a crucial factor behind the increasing number of rapes in our country - our politicians never fail to amaze us with their outlandish "opinions". (Where do they even get it from?)

So when recently Tripura's CM, attempted to re-write history by declaring the presence of internet and wi-fi during the "times of Mahabharata", a million eyebrows were raised in disbelief.

Biplab Deb, the BJP MLA who serves as the CM from Tripura, recently claimed that although the west tries to take credit for 'internet'  Mahabharata had already invented the same along with a few satallites, centuries ago.

Yep. You read that right.

Now, as you would expect, the internet couldn't hold back the flurry of memes and jokes it had up its sleeve as soon as the statement made its way out.

And before we could contemplate over the CM's claim, we were clearly left with no scope to say anything at all, because - MEMES..!

Check out some of the best responses from Twitter, soon after the post went viral:

Memes to the rescue.

These certainly made light of the situation that was making everyone ponder over reality and scratch their heads in confusion.

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