10 Shocking Celebrity Deaths in Bollywood that blew everyone's mind.

Every star that shines bright has to come falling down at one point or another - but there are some ends that are so sudden, tragic and uncertain - that they blow everyone's minds away.

Our very own Bollywood stars - who have a reach to millions and who, in many ways, impact and touch the lives of countless movie-lovers are no exception. 

There are instances of such untimely deaths in Bollywood that have literally shaken the ground beneath everyone's feat, as and when they happened.

Some of these sudden death have been so shocking due to the circumstances or reasons around which they took place that it still feels sort of surreal to believe that something like that ever occurred.

Like the untimely and tragic death of Jiah Khan, which left several un-answered questions behind or the sudden and completely out-of-the-blue demise of Sri Devi, that sent major shockwaves across nation - these moments have been etched in our memories.

Looking back at these rather astonishing celebrity deaths, here is our list summing down the "Top ten most shocking celebrity demises in Bollywood."

Check it out below:

Which celebrity death did shock you the most?

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