3 women cover their car with Sridevi's pictures, Boney Kapoor invites them to his house

Sridevi's untimely demise came as a major shocker for the entire film industry and her fans, who were all rooting for her seemingly promising second innings in Bollywood. The saddening incident of her early death back in February still seems like a surreal dream, which is yet to get over.

Since then we have been seeing a number of special tributes to the late superstar and icon by everyone, ranging from her die hard fans to special honors  and tributes at major film festivals.

Adding their names to the long list of such heartfelt tributes, three Pune based women have paid homage to the late diva in such a unique manner that, Sri's husband - Boney Kapoor himself invited them at his house, to allow them to share their love for the late star.

Paridhi Bhati, Bhavna Varma and Tonu Sojatia have actually designed their car with pictures and some famous quotes from the movies of the late actress, turning it into a moving (literally) tribute to the star.

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Speaking to IANS, Sojatia said - " I designed the multi-hued vinyl-prints, which are long lasting, and we three took up almost a month to properly make-up the car as a gesture of love, for the greatest of aactresses, Sridevi, adored by millions even today."

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“The Sridevi theme shows various moods of Sridevi - love, anger, innocence and dance - with corresponding images from some of her most well-known films in Hindi and south Indian languages, including ‘Lamhe’, ‘Chandni’," Sojatia told IANA

The vehicle has covered the superstar actress' entire film journey starting from age 3 to her latest hit release 'Mom'.

The car even has her inspiring quote from the movie Mom on its bonnet saying "Is desh mein rape to kar sakte hai, lekin rapist ko thapad nahi maar skte" - "Stop blaming the victim. NO means NO."

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The tribute left the Kapoor family totally amazed and the 3 women stayed in their house for coffee and were even insisted to stay until the lunch.

“We were thrilled. They hosted us for nearly 40 minutes, came down to see our car and admired it very much. With his vast film knowledge, Boney Kapoor even guided us how to click pictures for the best possible angles and outcome. They insisted we stay back for lunch but we had time constraints, so we enjoyed delicious coffee with them."

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Definitely one of the best tributes on Sri we have seen till now.

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