A journalist asked Salman Khan if any sensible actor would do 'Race 3', this was his reply...

You know how Salman Khan is one of those Bollywood celebs who're not afraid to deal with media questions with whatever form of savagery that comes to their heads. In fact, given his not-so-pretty past with the media, they have more reasons to be scared of him than the other way round.

The actor who's at full swing promoting his upcoming action-packed feature - 'Race 3', which co-stars Bobby Deol and Anil Kapoor, was recently attending a Q&A session with the media and as you would expect, he left no stones un-turned in out-witting them every chance he got.

During one of the questions, Salman interrupted the reporter as soon as she uttered her first three words of what she was about to ask:

'No sensible actor..' the question started off from the journo which Salman imminently cut to finish with - '...would have done the film?'

While everyone started laughing and the journo was sort of caught off-guard, she seemed to have bounced back by giving her question another direction as she asked if "sensible actors do 'get butterflies' while attempting to try new stuff."

And Salman, outwitted it again with:

"You're asking the question to the wrong person. I'm not a sensible actor."
"I'm neither sensible nor an actor."

Watch the moment below:

There's no doubt Q&A sessions with Salman are unlike any other Bollywood star. Have to mention - how calmly and easily he manages to ward off unwanted questions.

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