"Did you think I was going to jail forever?": Salman Khan trolls a journalist over black buck question

Salman Khan is back to the public realm as the promotions for his upcoming venture 'Race 3' begin.

The controversial star, who was recently granted bail after being convicted in the case of 'Black Buck' by the Jodhpur court - couldn't escape questions related to the prolonged case as he dealt with the press during a promotional Q&A session.

Notably, despite his conviction for blackbuck poaching, Salman was granted bail only after a few days within the confinements of the Jodhpur jail. So when a journalist popped a question related to his short stint and the much-talked about case, Salman joked about the whole thing stating:

“Did you think that I was going to go in forever?”

The journalist promptly replied with a 'No' to which Salman stated:

“Thank you! No seriously, because I was worried.”

The "joke" could be unsettling for those who alleged that Salman was treated leniently by the law due to his power, status and influence. That doesn't however take away the fact that he has always had the support of millions of his fans, nevertheless.

Was Salman's statement a jibe at the ease with which he got away from it all?

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