"I didn't want my kids to call me a loser": Bobby Deol on Race 3 comeback

Source: Bollywood Hungama
Bobby Deol is making is action-packed return to the big-screen with the upcoming Salman Khan-starrer, action-packed thriller - Race 3.

The 49 year old actor worked pretty hard to prepare himself for the role to develop a chiseled physique, as shown in the first few clippings of the trailer.

After going under a hiatus from the movie-biz, following a number of failures, 'Race 3' could very well be the comeback Bobby had been looking for.

In a recent conversation with Film Companion, Bobby dished on how it was the fear of his kids looking down-upon him, that instigated him to pursue his career in movies once again:

“I wanted them to not look at me and say he is a loser. I didn’t want my kids to look at me and say he has given up. I want to be their inspiration as my father is to me. That’s most important thing for me and my wife who believes so much in me”.

Bobby also shed some light on how things have changed from the time he started off his career, nearly 20 years ago:

“When I started my career, it was more like a traditional way of working in cinema. When I came to the industry, it was changing. The work used to come to me rather than me going and asking for work. Then things slowed down because I wouldn’t do this. Others got the roles I could have got”.

Bobby also spoke how the subject of 'nepotism' also kept him from undertaking a few projects:

“I got Yamla Pagla Deewana 3, but I wanted to get out of the whole thing that I am working with my brother and dad, because people have started using this new term, nepotism, which I didn’t understand first”.

Source: Bollywood Hungama
And here is what Bobby aspires from his second innings in movies:

“I never thought myself as a star. I want people to love me as much as they love my father. I never realised it, but it’s never too late”.

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How many people who've made a 'comeback' of sorts would be willing to be so honest about their aspirations and where they stand?

Kudos to Bobby and wishing him luck with the success of Race 3.

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