Missing Deepika? After a wild party at Sonam's reception, Ranveer pictured alone sending a text with his phone

Sonam Kapoor's bombastic wedding reception gave everyone the chance to witness their favorite celebs at their most stripped-down yet.

From the overtly enthusiastic Ranveer and Arjun singing 'Masakali' for Sonam, to a visibly inebriated Salman and Shah Rukh dancing and singing their hearts out on the venue's stage.

If all the entertainment we've had till now wasn't enough, another leaked picture shows the "always unabashedly himself" - Ranveer Singh, attempting to toggle through his phone to text someone in supposed 'drunk' state - which immediately triggered talks about 'him missing Deepika Padukone'

His transition from being "totally wild on the dance floor" to "sulking in sadness on a lonesome staircase" was more dramatic than a Bollywood movie, yet so damn relatable at the same time.

The picture would basically remind you of all those moments, you were apart from you bae in a party (or you didn't have a bae for that matter) and you started randomly sending texts and love-emojis over the phone after getting drunk.

Yep, Ranveer, couldn't help corner himself as the party was still going on at its peak.

Many reports online later claimed (as you would you like to imagine after looking at the pictures) that he was actually missing Deepika Padukone the whole time and later cornered himself to a secluded place to chat with her. (Poor him)

The speculations were sort of affirmed when Deepika left a reply on one of those pictures posted online.

Screengrab from Instagram
From going totally wild on the dance floor to feeling all mushy later on, Ranveer was basically all of us at every booze-loaded state ever!

Here are a few more moments of Ranveer being Ranveer from the most happening Bollywood party of the year:

We feel ya Ranveer. We feel ya.

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