Muslim man breaks his Ramdan fast to donate blood to save a Hindu man's life

Source: Senior Airman Kasey Close
Amidst constant instigation by a few politicians, extremists and online trolls to create a social divide between religious communities, ordinary folks keep on setting extraordinary examples of communal harmony in the society.

Whether it is vacating places to allow others to practice their religion and festivals or to help finance and build a religious place belonging to a different community, our fellow Indians constantly show that in India - there truly is, unity in diversity. 

A recent example of a Muslim man breaking his Ramdan fast in order to eat before donating blood for his Hindu friend - yet again has taken over internet, as a fine specimen of our social fabric.

Aarif Khan - who is the president of National Association for Parents and Students Rights, received a message on Whatsapp, featuring a desperate call of a father seeking donation of an 'A+' blood-type for his ailing son, Ajay Bilawalam. 

The 20 year old was suffering from leprosy and was in urgent need of a blood donation, following which his father reached over to his social media account seeking help from netizens - a call which later reached Aarif, through Whatsapp.

Upon his arrival to the hospital in Uttarakhand, Aarif - who was on a fast for Ramdan, was asked to first consume some food by the medical staff before which the doctors couldn't allow the blood-donation. Considering the medial-requirements and putting humanity above religion, Aarif decided to break his fast in order to continue with the blood donation.

Although Ajay's condition is still quite fragile, Aarif's donation is of great significance as it not only extends the former's ability to fight, but also lends him and everyone else hope.

Yes. We are, at times, taken over by a few mischievous elements who often resort to violent ways to divide the communities further - killing young people in the name of 'religion', but with examples like these - we can certainly ensure there will always be peace as long as we choose the right path.

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