Satish Kaushik converted trucks into mini-theaters to give villagers the "Big-screen experience" at just Rs 35

Representational Image (Source: ManojTyagi/MarshallAstor)
To most people living in the remote-village areas of our country - watching a movie at the theater is a luxury they simply can't afford.

The standard of living varies so much from the big cities through the small towns and villages, that the very things we often take for granted, are things that a vast population does not have the means to take advantage of.

Now, at least some of these resource-deprived areas, that did not have the facilities or means to accommodate an actual multiplex, would still be able to have the 'big-screen-experience' - thanks to filmmaker and actor, Satish Kaushik.

Putting the concept of 'mobile theaters' to practice, Kaushik has come up with the idea of converting big-sized trucks into mini-movie-theaters, that are equipped with air-conditioners, a big screen and great sound systems and are also fire and weather proof.

According a report published on TOI, 35 of these 'mobile theaters' are already prepared and ready, however the filmmaker hopes to bring up the count to 150.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Satish Kaushik was quoted saying:

“In India, multiplex ticket prices are high; therefore people are a bit hesitant. The ticket price for a newcomer’s film is the same as a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan film. Why would people pay, say Rs 400, for a newcomer’s film when they can watch a Shah Rukh Khan film at the same price? This moving cinema will solve that issue, too.”

The tickets for the theater would be priced between Rs 35-75, as reported by Mid-Day.

Although Kaushik does not have the financial support of government in this endeavor, he insists support will be provided when it comes to the matter of using land for placing and installing the mobile-theater.

This will certainly be thrilling for people who barely ever get the chance to see movies at the big-screens.

Way to go, Satish Kaushik.

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