This video of PM Modi enjoying Chinese musicians play 'Tu Tu Hai Wahi' will make your day!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently on an official trip to China and like most other countries, he was welcomed with a display of the cultural amalgamation of the two super-powers.

On a visit to China's Wuhan, the PM was welcomed with a special musical arrangement composed in line of a popular Bollywood song from the year 1982.

The song was - 'Tu Tu Hai Wahi', and both Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping seemed to have lit up as the key-change occurred and the famous chorus of the tune started playing as an instrumental.

Although we do wish the clapping had started a bit later, so we could get to hear more of it, but we don't mind whatever little of it we got anyway. 

And apparently neither did Modi, as he was all smiles hearing the much familiar tune - before they proceeded to the rest of his plans on the tour (which also included a double-decker boat ride around the East lake, on the following day).

But apparently, nothing triggers sentimentality like listening to old tunes of your homeland, while you're far far away.

PM Modi is like the rest of us, when it comes to it.

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