Watch : Brave inspector saves Muslim boy from being lynched by an angry Mob in Uttrakhand

The recent years have seen a constant uprise in the number of cases related to mob-violence, where an agenda-driven group of violent individuals - who are often affiliated with specific organizations - would take law and order in their own hands and beat or lynch individuals based on only accusations of certain 'crimes.'

Many of these allegations often turn out to be 'fake news', and end result turns out to be an innocent life lost by the hands of a few mischievous elements, who took it upon themselves to act as the 'thekedaar' of our societies.

While majority of the times, you don't see the onlookers and passerby's stepping in to protect the victims, a recent case from Uttarakhand restores our faith in humanity and the willingness of the men-in-uniform to protect the interest of the common man.

A recent incident from Uttrakhand's Ramnagar could have taken the same tragic route - if it wasn't for a brave man-in-uniform who imminently stepped-in to stop it from happening.

In this case - a Muslim boy had to face the wrath of a group of men for meeting a Hindu girl in a nearby temple. The aggressive mob surrounded the couple and started thrashing the boy while scolding the girl for meeting a Muslim guy.

It was then, Uttrakhand Police officer Gagandeep singh arrived on the scene with his team and took matters in his own hands, before things could have taken a much worse course.

Gagandeep confronted the angry Mob and protected the boy from getting thrashed by putting his own body between the Mob and the boy, acting as a shield from all the blows.

The brave officer didn't let the mob touch the boy and shortly escorted him with himself to a safer place. This obviously didn't go down well with the mob, who then started chanting Anti-Police slogans, as can be seen in the video.

The video of the 'heroic' actions of Gagandeep is now going viral for all the obvious reasons, and the officer is getting praised all over the internet.

Here's how people are reacting:

Kudos to this brave officer. In times like today, we certainly need more people like him to safeguard the righteous causes of the common men.

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