Watch: How Dhoni's daughter came to play with daddy on the ground and stole the show!

Yesterday's IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab, proved yet again why we all love the yellow-uniformed clad.

The MS Dhoni-led team received quite a convincing victory, qualifying for the playoffs and outing Punjab from the series in the process.

After a ban of nearly 2 years from IPL, the team couldn't have made a better comeback to the series.

To make CSK's victory all-the-more cheerful, Dhoni's adorable 3 year old daughter - Ziva was spotted goofing around with daddy on the playground, trying to grab a hold of his cap as Dhoni teased and played with her a little before letting her take it.

The cute bundle-of-joy than hops around the ground after helping her daddy wear it again, completely stealing the show.

The endearing and candid moment was captured on cam and has since gone viral on social media:

Isn't she just adorable?

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