Watch: Viral video of Deadpool dancing to Ranveer Singh's 'Khalibali' will leave you in splits

As you all may already know - Ranveer Singh has just created a complete desi version of Deadpool in the Hindi dubbed version of the popular superhero flick - giving the foul-mouthed marvel character a Desi makeover, the upcoming release of the much-awaited action-packed thriller has got all the more exciting for Indian fans.

The trailer of the Hindi version of the movie was so hyped that even Ryan Reynolds replied to Ranveer Singh who was boasting off his 'ability to curse and use expletives' in Hindi.

The two actors recently had a brief interaction over it on Twitter:

Now it appears right before the release of the flick in India, the character is taking another desi transformation - and this time, it is a visual one.

No, don't hold your breath for a Deadpool - Kkrish crossover, it is a hilarious fan-made video mash-up of the superhero shaking a leg to Ranveer's song 'Khalibali' - which is taking over internet.

See it for yourself:

So, is Deadpool Bollywood-ready now?

Oh and if in case you haven't already checked out the trailer for the Hindi dubbed version of the flick featuring Ranveer Singh as our favorite videshi superhero, see it below:


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