19 years after his father's death during Kargil, Lt. Hitesh Kumar joins the same battalion

Lieutenant Harish Kumar was merely six years old when his father - Lance Naik Bachan Singh fell to enemy bullets during the war of Tololing in June 1999, which is said to be a vital battle of the Kargil war.

Ever since his father's sad demise, Hitesh Kumar had been determined to serve at Indian Army just like his father did and after a wait of exactly 19 years, Hitesh managed to clear the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and has now been commissioned as a lieutenant in the Indian Army.

Not only that, as fate would have it -  Lt. Hitesh has been appointed in the same battalion as his father. In a heartwarming moment, Hitesh also paid tribute to his father by visiting the latter's memorial in Muzzaffarnagar.

Hitesh said - "For 19 years, I dreamt of joining the Army. It became my mother's dream too. Now I want to serve my country with pride and honesty."

It was a proud moment for Hitesh's mother Kamlesh Bala who explained how difficult life was after her husband's untimely demise.

"It took a year for me to come to terms and decide how to guide my two sons - Hitesh and Hemant"

Mother Kamlesh Bala wanted both her sons to become Army officers "I wanted both my sons to be army officers and I was determined to do whatever was needed for that."

Following his mother's dream and perhaps his own, Hitesh's younger brother is now also preparing for the entrance exams to join the Indian Army.

Truly a family of real heroes!

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