After breaking the internet with his dance moves, 'dancing uncle' is back with new video

A video of a middle aged man dancing with his wife in a wedding spread like fire on internet this past week and made him an overnight sensation nationwide.

Sanjeev Shrivastav, the 46 year old assistant professor of electronics at an institute in Bhopal, won the internet with his Govinda-inspired moves and became a star overnight.

The viral video of Sanjeev and his wife dancing was shot on May 12 at his brother in law's marriage in Bhopal. The 46 year old idolizes the dancing god's of Bollywood - Govinda and Mithun Chowkroborty, and you can already tell that by his super-funky moves in the clipping.

Here's the viral video that turned him into internet's favorite uncle -

While speaking to Hindustan Times Mr. Shrivastav revealed how he wanted to become a dancer in the 80's and was inspired by her mother who was a trained classical dancer.

Here's what he told while speaking with HT-

"I have been dancing since 1982. Dance is a god-gifted talent in me. I was inspired by mother Mohini Devi Shrivastav who has been a classical dancer, I have not got any formal training. I won Madhya pradesh's best dancer award three times in the eighties in competitions held in Bhopal."

He further reacted upon hearing about his popularity on internet and thanked the person who shot and uploaded the video - 

"I don't know who he is but I am really grateful to him. I never got such an appreciation before."

Now given his new-found fame on social media, don't expect him to stop anytime soon. The super-funky uncle is back with a number of new clips of him dancing to some perky tunes of Bollywood and they're all sure to make you feel all goody-goody. Check 'em out below:

Never thought we needed this all our lives, but keep bringing them on Shrivastav uncle - we're loving them!

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