Asifa rape-case lawyer, Deepika Singh Rajawat awarded 'Woman Of The Year'

In the wake of the Asifa rape and murder tragedy that took the entire nation by storm, the most resilient image that took place was that of the case's lawyer Deepika Singh's unbeatable courage and will to fight for justice.

Despite several violent threats that came her way, with her own association of laywers going against her, Deepika's commitment and bravery to withstand it all certainly set an example.

Recognizing her grit and honesty, to fight for what's clearly in the side of justice, Rajawat has been honored with 'Woman Of The Year' title at the Indian Merchants Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ladies Wing.

The Ladies' Wing has shown special admiration to her determination to fight for justice despite all the adversities that kept coming her way.

Although the said case is still underway and justice is yet to be delivered, Deepika is worthy of the praise for the way she chose to not take part in the religious debate revolving around the tragedy and took a more human approach to bring the alleged culprits to justice, despite majority of the lawyers from the Jammu bar council abandoning the said case.

Deepika, who herself is a mother, could not help but fight for the murdered 5 year old, despite being called things like - anti-national, anti-Hindu and receiving a social-boycott in her community.

"Today, I don't know, I am not in my senses. I can be raped, I can be killed and maybe they won't allow me to practice in court. They (have) isolated me, I don't know how I can survive," she said.

Rajawat's determination to fight for justice is definitely an act of courage that sets an example for everyone.

Here's to hoping she manages to bring the late girl and her perpetrators to justice.

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