Bengaluru: Policewoman breastfeeds abandoned baby who was rescued from a plastic bag

Pic Credit: Nevit Dilmen (Creative Commons)
Every so often we come across instances involving parents not only abandoning their little ones, but also leaving them to die out in the cold, brutal circumstances of the world.
It isn't uncommon to hear of stories with newborn babies and fetuses being found abandoned in dumpsters - with not many of them turning out lucky enough to survive.

In the wake of such instances, a heartwarming deed by a policewoman from Bengaluru who breastfed an abandoned new-born in similar conditions is opening our eyes to the 'good in the world.'

The baby was found at a construction site in Bengaluru's Electronic City, where Assistant Sub-Inspector Nagesh R. made the first round and helped get the troubled little one to a nearby hospital - whose condition was said to be way too frail at that time. The baby was totally covered in blood with his umbilical chord wrapped around his neck.

After initial treatment at a nearby hospital, the baby was brought to the police station - where lady constable - Archana, decided to imminently breastfeed the infant.

Archana - herself gave birth to a baby boy nearly three months ago and was freshly back from her maternity leaves. Upon being asked about her gesture, she stated that it felt like breastfeeding her own child.

"We salute the Mother in our Lady Police Constable Archana of Bangalore City Police who rescued an abandoned new born and breastfed the infant, she had just returned from Maternity Leave. #ThankYouArchana."

Praises have poured at Archana's direction from all directions - and rightfully so.

Going beyond her duties, to show a more humanly side of her job, the likes of Archana certainly pave the way.

Way to go ma'am.

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